All That Remains


“All That Remains”, is a powerful true story of atomic bomb survivor Takashi Nagai, pioneering scientist, Christian convert, and dedicated peace-activist.
All That Remains is a visionary, ground breaking feature film based on the the life of Dr Takashi Nagai – atomic bomb survivor, peace activist and author of the best selling book, The Bells of Nagasaki.

Dr Nagai, a descendent of a Samurai family, a patriot and a pioneering scientist embarks upon a quest for the ultimate truth – the meaning of life and death.

It is a journey of discovery that will change his life forever. An extraordinary story of persecution, courage, faith and love unfolds as he uncovers Nagasaki’s legacy and meets his own destiny. A destiny that will unfold after the second atomic bomb to be used in warfare destroys his entire world in a blinding flash, and robs him of his beloved wife, the woman who changed him from a sceptical man of intellect, into a man of the heart.

The film utilises state of the art special effects and computer generated animation.

Ian & Dominic Higgins – Writers/Directors
Nigel Martin Davey      – Producer

Leo Ashizawa –   Dr Takashi Nagai
Yuna Shin       –   MIdor Nagai
David Yip        –   Noburo Nagai
Meg Kubota    –   Tsumo Moriyama

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