Eastern Star – Reviews


“Yip and Lumsden are superb as they circle each other, drawing out a litany of betrayal and stupidity that wrecked one man’s life and propelled the other to success.”
Neil Norman, Daily Express – 4 Stars

“David Yip represents beautifully, the Buddhist U Nay Min, fighting back moments of anger and yet is ultimately forgiving despite it all.”
Fiona Doyle, The Artiscape – 4 Stars

“…both veteran actors Yip and Lumsden … when they did hit their strides both provided engaging and powerful performances. Yip was excellent as someone suffering from post-traumatic stress who has had 25 years to dwell on what happened to him whilst Lumsden builds the sense of guilt and shame until it finally finds release.”
West End Wilma – 4 Stars

“The highlight of the play was indeed the personal exchanges between Yip & Lumsden together with the theatrical recreation of events unfolding…”
Music Theatre Musings – 4 Stars

“David Yip is superb as he shows impossible grace under pressure, all the while suggesting the (literally) tortured soul it hides.”
Ought to be Clowns

” At its core, however, the play is about Gunness’s guilt and U Nay Min’s heroism and, in the author’s production, the two men are very well played. Michael Lumsden is all silvery anguish as the western visitor and David Yip captures precisely his old colleague’s mix of courtesy and anger.”
Michael Billington, The Guardian – 3 Stars