Break is a gritty urban drama set on and around a London council estate and the local, run-down snooker hall.

Essentially a rags-to-riches, feel good story, the film follows the exploits of a gifted, inner-city kid, wasting his talents on crime, until one day, a chance encounter with an American stranger and former eight ball pool champion presents him with an opportunity to turn his life around. At this crossroad in his life, will he choose the right road and use his talent that has the potential to free him from his current lifestyle and surroundings?

BREAK has just wrapped its film shoot both in the UK and Beijing from September – October 2018

The Main Cast & Crew

Rutger Hauer – Ray
Sam Gittens – Sam Pryde
David Yip – Vincent Qiang
Sophie Stevens – Shelley
Luke Matby – Terry Pryde
Terri Dwyer – Cathy Pryde
Jamie Foreman – Monty

Micheal Elkin – Writer/Director
Dean Fisher – Producer
Terri Dwyer – Producer
Richard Swingle – DOP
Sebastian Leathlean – 1st AD
Mario McLaren – Sound
Costume Designer – Giulia Scrimieri